428. Fitting End

This is going to be the last post in my review-series of … older posts to see which reflections/conclusions/observations about Inner Power I might want to use for a guide.

I have written that with capital letters at times – Guide or “Mega Guide” – because I want it to be important.

The question is of course if I can live up to that ambition?

And lots of other questions, most pertinently: Will anybody but me benefit from this advice? I think so, but it needs to be tested.

So I need to get the guide out there and have others read it and comment on it, obviously.

And then I need to find a suitable format for it that I have time for.

As regards that …

I think right now it would be best if I make a dedicated page for the first Guide, with page sections. And then each time I work on that guide and insert some new elaboration or clarification or a significant edit – then I share it here on The Blog.

And then people can comment on it here – as soon as I get some people to visit The Blog, obviously.

Aside from working to do all the other things I have done while I was away from my diary, like the routine of baby-sitting and some web-work, and generally keeping up the spirit … I have fretted about this series of “fill in”-posts.

It feels like the old X-Men comic, which I loved very much and which did a series of reprints with new covers back in the early 70s. That was crappy, obviously, but apparently they sold well enough for Marvel to try to relaunch the series with a new X-crew. The rest is history.

Hopefully I can do the same justice to this work – make it turn into something better, even if it is based on ‘reprints’.

But right now I just have to really keep down the feeling that I have made The Blog even more messy than usual, and thus even more useless. At least in some sense …

I realize that with the ambition to post everyday for 14,012 days I simply cannot expect every post to be some kind of standalone pillar article. And some posts have just been mere quotes, although there was a purpose for them, too. And that will happen again.

I also realize that there is a danger with my explicit purpose of The Blog, namely to invite readers into a process – of personal development – like they were allowed to view my personal journal or something … that way of writing and sharing can loose a lot of people. (When they finally find The Blog, that is … )

A huge blog with finished articles with crystal clear prescriptions for life, albeit with some case-material embedded, that is an ideal and a beautiful way to communicate about themes like … life and how to live it best.

On the other hand, perhaps one can see The Blog as a cross between the shorter, less ‘polished’ opinions, conclusions and observations about life, the universe and everything, which we find on many social media nowadays … and then a blog like the aforementioned. I do tend to be awfully long-winded at times, even when I have nothing ‘polished’ to say. Then it’s more like stream-of-thought-writing or journaling.

I dunno. I am not sure. And fuck it anyway … I just have to keep up this forge and then eventually, over time, I will make something useful and worthwhile from it, even it ends up being only a series of Guides that will have readers in the thousands.

And then the rest of The Blog is a quirky addendum of sorts which only the most hardcore fans will tend to visit, in order to find out where the thoughts on this or that originated. Like those awfully big and fantastic books about Tolkien’s first five drafts for The Hobbit … with notes about notes about notes.

Fitting that I should end this series with doubt about the whole purpose of The Blog – again. So that’s a problem, eh?

Which one of my recently reviewed reflections on Inner Power could help me get over it and get on with it, then?

How about: Don’t judge yourself. Or others. (Post 421.)

Yes, how about that …