43. Resonances

Listening to the old Pet Shop Boys/Eighth Wonder-song, I’m Not Scared, tonight for the millionth time.

It’s my ‘theme music’ to the little graphic novel I’m doing, as my own personal soup for the soul every evening.

The song is about a relationship which is a bit of a mystery, but to which the main character is continually drawn. Or about the student demonstrations and riots in Paris, May 1968. Or both.

So does my story, and it will only grow from there. Eventually there will be time travel and dimension travel and all sorts of fantastic stuff.

But the first time of the saga is just that: May 1968.

I once, in high school,did a comic/graphic novel/sequential image-story based on the song, and for a project in art class.

Now, after 25 years, I’ve returned to this song, this period, this mood.

I’m not really sure why, except that it was a no-brainer. It’s perhaps the pop-song I love best, after all these years.

But in principle, I could have chosen so many other songs or historical periods. I’m in love with so many of them – songs and histories.

Perhaps it has always been because, as I realized today, the song is true in all levels:

It is about a relationship which is not easy to ‘get right’, which can be said for a large part of the relationships I’ve had in life.

It is about a historical period rich with drama.

But it is also – and here is today’s realization – for me a song about how my relationship with life itself has been up until now:

  • Not easy to get right
  • Rich with drama

Life is the ultimate lover and the ultimate (hi)story.

Your life.

Your unique life.

And the resonance of how you feel about it, for better or worse, is often found in the songs you listen to, over and over again.

It is a resonance on levels only you know – even if you don’t fully understand them all at once.

Such a song therefore echoes in your heart and your mind, in ways you recognize – and only you.

But sometimes the full recognition takes 25 years. Or more.

Sometimes there is more to come, if you stay with the particular song and explore it, as life goes on.

It will give off new reflections, new echoes, new resonances, and you will recognize them all.

It need not be a song. It could be anything really.

What is it for you?