44. Rejuv

I’ve been thinking lately of how big a place rejuvenation has come to take in my life.

You see, we all have our ‘drug’ that rejuvenates. And we all need it.

Mine is reading books about battleships and then some comics every evening – that and a good whiskey. Right after I’ve done everything else.

Your rejuv is different – but do find it and cultivate it.

Do it at that time of day when you get to be solely yourself and just enjoy yourself.

Even if it’s only 20 minutes or less …

That kind of rebuilding is NOT the same as being on Facebook every 20 minutes or watching 3 hours of bad television every evening.

That activity won’t rebuild much – especially calm in your mind.

Most likely you’ll just end up feeling drained and like you have wasted your time.

Of course, you can use social media. But don’t use them as a relaxation method. They are probably among the poorest such. They make you more dizzy, confused and restless. At least if you are anything like me.

You just don’t realize this while you are doing social media every day. But when you take a break from social media you will feel just how much energy you let slip away to that media.

In reality, your rejuv could be anything. It should consist of at least some of the following:

Beneficial eating, exercising, and resting

Making live and meaningful connections with others

Learning, reading, writing, drawing, composing.

Spending time in nature, meditation, prayer.

Without this renewal, “the body becomes weak, the mind mechanical, the emotions raw, the spirit insensitive, and the person selfish”, as Stephen Covey wrote.

I agree.

And I know it more and more as I get older. Why it is important.

This is simple ‘maintenance-work’ of body and spirit.

But as said, only in recent years have I come to appreciate and act on this.

And it’s not just because I’m getting older.

I believe it’s the hard-earned experience of what happens if I neglect it.