441. Stopping Infections

I’ve noticed that when there’s something big that stresses me (moving to a new apartment and family illness and career concerns), I inevitably end up stressing about many smaller things as well:

Should I draw more?

I should clean the house more, right?

What about that account balancing?

Don’t I need to do it soon? Etc.

And vice versa.

One level of stress spreads, a bit like rings in the water – or a virus, if you want to be more on-the-nose about it.

Stress is infectious

Yes, you can also stress your surroundings!

Ever tried working from an office where half of your colleagues are stressed? How did it affect your ability to be calm and concentrate and have faith in your ability to reach deadlines? Just askin’ …

Or a stressed spouse? Child? Dog? … whatever! Whoever!

And you stress them, too!