443. Using Purpose to Kill Stress

If you feel stressed it can often be because you don’t have a clear direction in life.

That is stressful Big Time!

It is, in fact, a recipe for being torn apart.

Or so you will feel – in the worst case scenario – when you are stressed beyond belief and close to actual anxiety!

Everyone wants something from you – your boss, your family, your neighbors, friends, and so on – and you have a hard time of saying no.

Of course, learning to say no and to prioritize are two important skills here. We’ll get to them in later posts. But beneath these skills is another, deeper problem.

The problem is not that you can’t say no (you are a weak captain in your own life) …

Or that you are steering a zig-zag course through obstacles (your navigator needs to be replaced!) …

It is that your compass is broken and your map is out the window, and even if you had these tools you had not taken the time to sit down and look and them and decide What Is The Purpose of My Journey.

Your Life’s Journey. Where are you going in it?

What is The Most Important Destination?

Answer that and you will have one powerful tool to knock out stress. Not the only one, but one of the big ones.

A power-tool, if there ever was one!