457. THIS Is The Blog

I know what I need to do now to make The Blog work for me.

And here it is:

The Blog is not going to be indexed or sorted or organized anymore than a simple full list of posts and a normal blog page. I don’t care to index – it demotivates me like hell.

The Blog is first and foremost written to give me energy every day, give me a chance to reflect and find a bit of light to look up for – like Oscar Wilde’s stars, as seen from the gutter. (I don’t always feel like I am in the gutter but sometimes, yes.)

The Blog has a purpose, namely to leave behind a collection of life reflections – sometimes as part of a diary –  sometimes just … reflections – all of which contain an uplifting conclusion of sorts, a little light. No matter the trend in content or structure of posts any given day, month, year or decade.

The Blog is therefore like a light house, or at least that is how I want it to be when it is done. Some bricks are uneven.

There is mess in the basement and dirt in the corners. But also a nice staircase and windows and a light on top. But whatever little part of the tower you look at, no matter how disjointed from the rest, you will see a little bit of that intention to focus on something uplifting.

You will see a little glow. And that is enough. You can use it as you will.

The Blog should be read by others and of course used by others and provide value, but that is, as said above, not The Blog’s primary purpose.

The primary purpose is to give me what I need and then I try to share it because I want to. So if I get the chance to share it more – maybe make a guest post somewhere – I will.

But I am no longer going to invest resources in sharing The Blog, either time or money, in order to achieve so and so many views or whatever.

I will connect with others when I have the time and surplus and then we will just have to see when The Blog is finished how much, over 4 decades, that that little bit of an effort has actually caused The Blog to be shared and used. And I accept I can never know that fully anyway.

I trust that The Higher, whatever it is, will make use of The Blog – lead people to it who need it, and lead people who don’t need to read it away from it and to something else. I have long needed to affirm that trust and I am doing so now.

I accept that The Blog can never be perfect in writing, in organization, in design, in inter-linking, in whatever a part of me wants it to be if I could wave a magic wand and do everything.

But I choose to embrace that limitation and pull something good from it and say this about The Blog instead:

The Blog (or the light house) is like life and the soul – it is also a mystery. It is chaotic. It contains dead ends and contradictions and multitudes of all of that and more.

And whoever wants to read it has a responsibility him- or herself to navigate those labyrinths and find what is needed.

I can only promise that there will always be a glow, not perfect order or no dead ends.

But a glow that leads on.

And that is … The Blog: