458. Next 20

I have had this idea for sometime that a nice way of thinking of my next birthday is that I get the chance to start over.

Yeah, that’s right – all the stuff I did not know at 24 I get to do differently at 44 and on.

And some stuff I have done so I don’t need to do it again.

Here’s my list of what I want to do from now on and the next 20:

– finish my 5-6 creative projects as listed on my little Horizons website, including Hammer & Magic stories and some comic albums (yeah, you read that right – and yeah, no links)

– find enough returning customers for my website-design consultancy business that I don’t really have to spend time to find new ones because now there is a network. Earn at least 4K USD/m on average. Pay off my debt. Save for old age. Invest in something like stocks that can generate passive income. Invest the rest in some good cause and make a difference.

– and of course strengthen my relations with Char, Jay, family and friends

Is that really it?

Right now I think it is.

And it is okay.