480. Puritan

I’ve experimented with this before and failed – mental detox. From all kinds of distractions. Especially online.

There is only one conclusion, like there is for alcoholics: Either I am abstinent or I am not.

I can’t control it otherwise.

So when home I don’t use the Internet, except in emergencies.

Not at all.

Instead I draw, when I have a break.

My soul wanted this for a long time.

But there were many excuses.

One of them: You are too puritan if you decide to be absolutely abstinent in the age of the Internet, even if just while home.

Puritan is a weird word.

But the question is what I am if I actually get to draw a lot of valuable and joyful and significant stuff again before I die?

If that is a puritan then that is what I am.

I like the word in that case.