514. After Ice Cream

On a day when I wake up with my head filled with worries about everything from how I am to make money, Jay, relationship, family, creativity and so on, I find that it still works to just say

… ‘screw it’.

What I mean is that I once read in a new age-book that you should try to be different first in order to feel different. Roughly speaking etc. etc.

In other words, if you try to do all sorts of things to fix the things you are worried about, you will likely exacerbate the fear – especially if you don’t come by quick fixes.

And especially because waking up with such feelings of, well, overwhelm tend to be a general state in your mind – which is out of balance, and not some local issue or irritation you can just fix by doing x.

Sure, it sounds virtually impossible if you are worried about x many things to just sit down and say ‘screw it’. Let it happen. Let’s see what happens. I don’t care.

But have you tried it?

There is also a theory of psychology that says that you will begin to feel as you act. So if you practice acting as if things don’t matter, then the feeling will indeed show up.

Use the ‘trick’ in moderation and in the right circumstances, yes, yes. But still … isn’t it amazing, that this way of approaching stress actually has merit.

Another, perhaps more understandable example, is what I’ve also written about in earlier posts: That you take a time-out.

Sit down. Make coffee. Buy an ice-cream. Do good to yourself.

Then you get energy.

Then the overwhelm and stress goes down. And you can start dealing with problems better and more rationally – after the ice-cream.