519. Project Coalescing

I think The Blog can be defined as an ‘A’ project. It is the project with the longest time horizon, and only Purpose as its single driving factor. I do this for Purpose, not Passion or Profit.

Hammer and Magic is ‘B’: I do it for Passion first, then a Purpose – insofar as theme is purposeful. I would like to Profit from it in the long term, though, and make it truly purposeful by donating the surplus.

Something or other with the Incas and Peru – with Char – that would be ‘C’. It is done, if it is ever done again, with Passion first, then with a view to some Profit and then there is probably a Purpose, too, which we need to draw it. I have ideas for it again – how to revive it. But it will not be … soon. Reality says otherwise.

My business is my ‘D’. It is for Profit first, then Purpose, then Passion. It is okay. And it can grow. But it is for Profit first, and thus the project with the shortest term.

All projects seem to be horizontally related on a timeline – with the results of ‘A’, if I ever get to perceive them, the farthest into the future, and ‘D’ the closest.

All projects seem to be vertically related with ‘D’ closest to Earth and the body’s needs, like money to buy food etc. and ‘A’ closest, so to speak, to the sky and the Soul – and Purpose in its purest form.

Did that make any sense?

It seems to make sense to me. Now. Finally.

… Coalescing.