52. Special Days

The rivers of the day have flowed a bit further towards their known destinations:

Merchant account in bank – check

Talk about how to get a ‘good’ birth, and what to do if not – check

Worked on company website (asset building) and marketed it – check

Trained, as I increasingly do, how to approach the day mindfully, especially its dull chores – check

And more. But I think those were the 4 bigger ‘rivers’.

I can’t know, of course, where or when they will ultimately end. Or how they will wind and twist every day, every week. But I can do my best to direct them.

I feel I have done so today. And that is enough.

Some days are just meant to be ordinary building blocks in your life’s house. Nothing special, nothing unique, but essential nonetheless.

You can still enjoy the crisp winter air and special afternoon light through hazy skies, though. It’s been a long time since I remember a day when the weather was just like this.

Unique like this. And kind of special.

For me certain weathers carry memories … some are half-misted, some are just momentary eddies in my consciousness.

But weather is a feeling sometimes. And so it was today, although I am not sure what it was I remembered or felt, only that it was special. Perhaps some day in high school when I was first in love, or had met an important friend. I can’t remember.

But I felt something special nonetheless. On a day where everything else felt non-special.