520. The Frame

Around the Projects, which I described in the last post, is a Frame. In that frame are all the other needs of life, but which are not instrumental, as such.

For example, companionship in the form of friendships or romantic relationships: You may share some kind of life purpose or value, but otherwise the relationship is the end in itself.

With the Project – creative or business – the result is in the future, usually income – or some kind of impact on the world.

Other parts of the Frame might be health, hobbies, relaxation, travel, spiritual practice, etc. All of these parts are, usually, defined as something we do where the doing is enough. There is no further purpose.

Going to work should ideally feel purposeful when you do it, but there is always the instrumental purpose of making money or finishing some kind of project. Same with creativity, or education or some contribution project – like collecting for charity.

It’s rough. It’s a model. A guide for clarity. It’s not the ultimate definition of the components of life.

But the distinction between Projects and Frame seem to make sense.

The Projects are – or should be – purpose-driven or passion-driven. If they are only passion-driven they go back into the Frame, like a hobby-project where deadlines, earnings and wider impact matter not. It is just something you do to feel good while you do it and not anything else, like sex. Or eating. Or walking in nature.

But Passion is necessary, more often than not, to finish any kind of Project – be it earning money, making a difference in the world, or achieving some kind of artistic pinnacle.


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