522. The Experience

It strikes me that The Experience is the most important of all.

The Experience is the constant ability to improve in appreciating everything you … experience, from summer rain to hard work to good friends to the feel of the pillow under your head.

Maybe others would have called it Zen or whatever. I call it The Experience.

It is the totality of all you, well, experience. All days in life.

And so it is also the ability to count.

To count all the good experiences, and appreciate them, and not let any one bad experience – no matter how great overshadow the good ones.

You are not required to try to force the bad experience out of your mind, only to keep it in good company. So it does not grow out of proportion.

That is the core of The Experience.

And even if your work, your purpose, your everything else fails in this life, you will be redeemed if you work everyday to have the best Experience – to value everything there is to value as much as possible.

Then you can’t really lose. You can only be fulfilled.