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I’d like to start finally doing a product for my webdesign business, so I can earn some recurring revenue that is NOT coming from the sale of an hour – or several – of my life.

I figure I would like to do a web-course about pretty much everything you need to know to set up your own WordPress website or WooCommerce webshop if you are a small business.

And keep it going. And market it. And provide content. And All Sorts of Other Important Stuff.

I’d like to do it on a certain level, so the course becomes more about how to prioritize your time and investment and less about rehashing manuals for ‘how to insert a picture on a WordPress’-page … which can be found all over the Net.

So I figured I’d start quietly here, on The Blog, and clear my head about the most important part – who is this product going to be for?

Who will be the buyers?

Who will benefit from it?

It is instructive to take a look at the 4 major groups of clients I have had so far, so let that happen … let me just brainstorm about it, in each case.

And see where it all goes.

First group: People Who Want a New WordPress Website

These customers, for whom I have built websites, seem to be a good fit for a product – and then again …

They would not have contacted me to built the site, if they were ready to do it themselves, would they?

OTOH, around a third of the customers I have had in this category sure could use the help of the course, I have in mind – as described above.

To prioritize.

One guy is the younger man who buys domain names, advertisement campaigns and new sites and plugins, and doesn’t use all of them by half. He might be a good fit for this product. At the very least he would buy it and shelf it like many of his other purchases … :-}

Another is the middle-aged female lifestyle blogger, who had a lot of trouble getting started on WordPress but who is determined to do everything herself (and has to, because of a small budget). That includes marketing and business in general. In fact, I think she might be a better fit, if we all agree that it is the highest goal for people to actually use this product after purchase.

I am tempted to say it is not the highest goal, because I sorely need money now. And I can’t take responsibility for people’s use and non-use of what I sell them.

OTOH again: If I am not aspiring to my highest goals on The Blog, then there is nowhere else to do it.

I have to keep myself accountable here.




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