525. Through the Burn

Continued from yesterday’s post …

Let’s take a look at the next category of my current customers and see if they would be a good fit for a product, like an e-course.

Which teaches them to prioritize, find their way in the WordPress jungle. And marketing online. And all that other jazz.

Second group: People Who Wanted a New WordPress because the Old One was Broken

Typically people who were ensnared by a company or developer who sold them shit and then left them high-and-dry.

They seem like an obvious group to cater to.

If they somehow can be contacted before they make those damning purchases that almost ruins them (and their peace of mind) … trying to build their first websites and then getting ripped off by ‘helpers’.

If …

OTOH, what if the have been ripped off. Aren’t they also in that case ready for a cheap solution to gaining security like my course?

What if my course costs only about 100 USD or less and it promises to leave them educated so they will never again loose thousands of dollars?

The next time they choose. For they will have to.

We all have to choose again, if we get burned the first time but want what we want enough.

That’s the theory at least. But I think it will work.

So yeah, they could be a customer group as well.

I will have to figure out how prominent they should be when I sell. Should they be the primary customer avatar or is it just a need that I mention on a bullet point?

I think the latter. But it is a good point.


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