54. View to the Star

Today I felt I got clearer on the ideal customer profile for my new company. I suspect the 4-5 customers or prospects I have picked up in the limited entrepreneur programme this past month has had something to do with that …

Good enough, so who is it then?

He or she has a business and is earning some money selling services or stuff, often not quite enough to live from it but not so little so that it’s a dead end. There are savings, insurance and part time jobs or family to keep that end of the equation equal.

More often than not, he or she has already started using the CMS, WordPress, in which I specialize. Maybe as a result of following the courses on my website but more likely because s/he is, well, entrepreneurial and do-it-yourself.

Recognizing the DIY-need, yes, with limited funds and a bootstrap business. But also not afraid to tackle with it.

And definitely skeptical enough to avoid throwing hard-earned money away on any sharks who want to sell them expensive and bad solutions.

They actually take the time to google and look at reviews and think of themselves. They have some faith in their own authority.

What’s important here is that they have drive and some courage, but also a definite need for help to take the next step. These are often the best customers.

But yes, they also know their limits, in terms of being tech-savvy and as regards having time for the web-part.

So they are looking for a price-competitive but deeply qualified lieutenant to teach them how to do stuff quickly or do it for them in the set-up phase, or maybe even do some maintenance down the line.

And that’s about it for my profiling at this time – but still: very much clearer than before.

I should also add that, in sync with my previous posts about purpose etc., it is more than ideal when these customers have some sort of social or environmental ideal fueling their work.

It doesn’t need to be as green as Greenpeace or as social as Mother Theresa, but take for example the interior lightning designer I met at the LE-programme. She has a passion for, well, lighting up people’s lives. Literally.

That’s enough.

Sometimes passion is just enough – even if it is only passion for making subwoofers for car stereos. (I have a customer like that, but he is also a nice guy, and quick to learn.)

And work is work, so I’m not choosy.

That also goes for the not-so-ideal-behaviour-part, when customers want me to do it all and not learn anything and just pay me.

Nice as it sounds, these customers can sometimes be worth less than you think because they constantly pester you with questions and insecurities.

But they are also part of the package. And work. And money.

So nothing is going to be pure about my company, least of all my composition of customers.

But I feel my guiding star as to how I want my ideal customer to be, is definitely shining brighter these days.

And that’s enough for now.