564. It Is Useful

… to remember that when you feel despair about something, then it can stop that feeling long enough for you to take constructive action, if you ask yourself a question:

‘Does this help me change the situation I despair about  – that I continue feeling despair?’

(Hint: The answer is never ‘yes’.)

That somehow seems to shake me enough to feel up to acting.

Of course, you could argue that ‘despair’  – like its cousin ‘depression’ – is a form of action paralysis, when you feel that there are no options and everything is kind of destined to be – which is bad.

And I’m not talking about survival-situations, but more problems like feeling stuck in a bad career or relation or stuff like that.

But asking that question seems to have an effect on me, like reminding me that there are always possibilities for action.

And that despairing is not one of them.


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