57. Dream of More

I keep having these recurring dreams, of a girl I knew in high school. We only met once afterwards, at a reunion party in 2003.

Then … she vanished. Only to pop up last year on Facebook.

We had a rocky relationship back then, in high school. To say the least. That’s a story for another day, though.

What is fascinating that since she suddenly contacted me again, out of nowhere, I’ve been dreaming about her.

I wrote each time down from October and onwards, and it’s about 20 times now. Often dreams about some of her problems, how she seemingly feels somewhat alone and lost inside. She had a divorce some years ago, she told me, so maybe that’s why.

Other dreams are just fairly normal, we go to the movies, eat dinner together, nothing special happens.

In the beginnings our relation in the dream was a bit tense, like in the past, but gradually it faded out and became more neutral.

Now when I dream about her she feels like just an ordinary family member.

Not someone you know terribly well on the inside, but feel connected to anyway because you are family: A mix of good and bad experiences in the past, together. But overall nothing out of the ordinary in the present.

So. Family. I guess.

And this is a woman I’ve only met once in the past 24 years, mind you.

Do you have odd dreams, too? Strong dreams? Dreams that recur? That feel ‘special’ – for some reason, but you can’t explain why?

This is not the first for me, but I have no proof that my dreams ever meant something. Maybe I will never have.

But to me personally they mean something:

I mean, if I close my eyes and forget everything I believe about other dimensions …

… everything I ever read about such things …

… every other thing I ever believe I experienced that was ‘paranormal’ or ‘spiritual’ in nature …

… if I do that and just think of powerful dreams, like this one then …

I do just feel that I’m part of a greater universe …

… that Something Is Going On …

… besides me just being me in this world I can see and touch!

But of course, it’s really quite impossible to step outside yourself like this and view a situation, especially an interior experience, with any kind of objectivity.

Assessing the significance of your own inner life with objectivity. Yeah, right.

So, no, I’m not making this out to be anymore than it is: A significant dream. (Add another to the list!)

I find that it comforts me, though – and excites me, too. To just think of my particular dreams like this, to take them seriously.

Maybe that they even point to something More:

Like something ‘visionary … ‘

Or some reflection of a Greater Reality …

I mean, why not? People have been wondering about this for ages, and taking it seriously.

Especially people not as civilized as us. (Well, except maybe that Jung guy … )

So why not Dream of More?