579. Testing Knowledge

How is it possible to measure the amount of clarity that you have about your heart business, i.e. a business you want to do even if you did not get paid for it – or had money enough?

Clarity about what the business should be – what it should deliver.

About where your passion is in the business – especially.

And your purpose.

And your proficiency (skill).

And, of course, the profit – the money that keeps it all going. Where is that going to be?

The truth is you can never really be sure you have the most clarity. You can only reach a certain level of clarity, and then test it out.

Even clarity about the ‘components’ of a heart-business – what they mean for you, and when … that clarity can be challenging to get. For example, until 2013 I did not have clarity about my passion, although I thought that was the most clear.

I thought I had to be a writer, an author. And that that was my true passion.

Now I know that I feel better about being a storyteller – in many different media, but most of all: videos, live-talks and drawing. Only one of these is realized so far and has made money (the talks).

And again that is also connected to clarity about possible money channels – like YouTube. As well as which channels are a good fit for you – or which media if you will. I know there is an academic distinction but really it does not matter here.

Only clarity.

So how do you know? How do I know?

What I know now – having been tested and all:

My passion is to tell stories about interesting historical persons, which we can learn from today. The last part is also my purpose.

Not my only passion or purpose, mind you – but some of the strongest. I want to give people hope and meaning by telling stories about historical persons whom we can mirror ourselves in – but in a positive, constructive way.

I know that I want – badly – to draw again. Another passion, and also a proficiency (although it needs a strong refresher).

I know that some channels, like the talks, work – but they have a ceiling. They are difficult to scale.

Graphic novels, too. And they are crazy money and time-intensive to produce. So I will do it, but mostly to have a focus for videos about the process. Definitely not to get rich, or even with a view to make a living income.

So other channels, yes – like blogging and YouTube … I know they can work for others, with regard to getting an audience, delivering value and making money. But I don’t know yet how and when they can work for me.

And I have so little time to invest in those channels, given my duties with regard to family and earning money here and now to pay bills. Via temp work. Because there are no savings. Only debt.

So it will be a while before this clarity can be tested to its fullest extent.

But at least I know what to test. That has not always been the case.


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