580. Ways To Speed Up The Important Stuff

Components of clarity – about what your heart business should be …

Time: To learn and make mistakes. And therefore patience. Time is not something you have, although we all keep saying that. It is not something you can affect or change. It just flows and eventually it runs out. So it is beyond your control. You only have it i principle.

So more precisely: Patience.

Secondly …


That is closely linked to time and patience, and also experience. But it is a separate thing in the process.

For example, I did use much of the time since the late 1990s to learn and make mistakes about what my passions were, what gave me purpose and how I could make money from it. I failed continually but I learned. And I got smarter, more experienced. Both regards to what worked for me, what the demands of the market were, technology and so on.

But then … maturity.

That is something I gained along the way: The ability to see life from more perspectives. Knowledge and wisdom. All that.

And I could not expect to feel that there was an abundance of maturity, so to speak, to put into my stories, or live-talks, before that actually happened. When I started my live-talks it quickly became clear I could use them to share life-experiences (i.e. maturity) – for the benefit of others. I could not do that in 1998.

Which also means patience is important, because you can’t force maturity.

Maybe you don’t need it, though. Your heart business may be possible to create solely through experience and with the right amount of time and patience. You have to wait for many things, yes, but not that kind of maturity that you need to put into the product or service of your heart’s business.

If you sell clothes designs, for example, you don’t need personal maturity. Just skill, experience and patience with the business. And it may be your utmost passion.

The only thing, of course, is that maturity, as a personal quality … that is also a determinant of how well you do business. Work well with others, etc. So it comes sneaking up on you that maturity – as a demand for you. As something you must gain to realize a better heart’s business.

Maybe it is not front and center like it was for me, because I wanted to put my maturity into my product so to speak – put my wisdom, or whatever goes for it, into my stories and talks.

But it will play a role. Especially in business.

If you do a heart’s business with the aforementioned designer clothes, you won’t really be able to make it work until you are mature enough to find and keep working together with other people, supplies, business partners etc. – all of those you are dependent on.

You can call that an experience, of course, if you want to be nitty-gritty about it. You can call it personal experience. Experience with people and so on. But then the lines blur and we get into personal maturity quickly.

It doesn’t matter. Just know that the more you have of it, the better off you will be.

And it can’t be forced – maturity. That is the problem.

It can, however, be helped along.

If you consciously decide to deal with your own personal problems and improve yourself, e.g. through coaching or therapy … then you can in principle speed up maturity. In a manner of speaking.

You can speed up the awareness of your experiences and the ability to act prudently with the knowledge you have now – use it well.

All talk, huh? All ramblings?

Yes, but it’s part of my process. A way for me to speed up.