585. Second Reason Why I Started Drawing Again

I started drawing seriously again, because I seem to have done away with all the inner hurdles that were there before … sometimes without doing that consciously. It just happened.

For example, for a long time I thought I should live from drawing. I no longer do that.

For a long time I thought I should only tell stories, including stories in drawing, that had some ‘higher purpose’ and would make ‘some difference’ in people’s lives. I no longer do that.

It would be nice, but I no longer think like that.

I have my web business and my temp work and a few other ideas, and maybe I can scrape some income from donations if I do videos of my drawing process and say something clever and witty while I do it.

And maybe I can crowdfund some funds for graphic novel printing and do a talk live – or two – about my subjects. And earn an extra buck.

But I don’t have to live from it.

I just have to do it. Every day.

It doesn’t have to have that ‘higher purpose’, either – although, of course, I’d like it to resonate with people, to move.

But more about that next.