589. Elemental

My Hammer and Magic fantasy-story is what I call an Element now. A part of my life – fiction writing – that I need to do but there is no other ambition attached to it.

An Element is the opposite of a Project, which has a goal outside of itself – e.g. to get rich by producing a story. To change minds. To get famous.

An Element could also be … having a spouse, being healthy, having children, going out and relaxing … something that is important to do, but an end in itself. Not more. Not less.

As long as I write in the alternatehistory.com forum and have a few readers and discussions about aspects of the story.

That is a good way to cultivate this Element of my life – to have it in my life. But it is an end to itself. Not a means to something else, like money later on.

I can go through the motions and finish stories and try to monetize them in some way but really … as I see it now, it does not matter what happens.

I realize I entertained such thoughts before, but … so what else is new.

Maybe it is a good thing they are entertained no longer.