594. Not Streamlined

I have a couple of days off for the first time in a long time – no temp work, very little business and Char and Jay are with grand mum down south.

I also have a mile-long list of things about the apartment that need to be taken care of, a job application and a desperate yearning to draw more – esp. on the project I call The Lines.

Last night, drinking a whisky and watching the approaching thunder (instead of watching newsbuzz), I decided that there was only one way to go about this, so I didn’t end up stressing about it all – like back in December

My conclusion was that the important thing is NOT how much I get done. It is that I keep doing something that energizes me, and in a way that energizes me.

I’m usually not good at ‘big blocks’-work, say – 4 hours of writing applications. I actually do better when I am allowed to shift between tasks more often, and mental and physical tasks.

So I will honor this experience and shift all day from I wake up between working – a time on the application, a time on the long list of order-stuff-tasks and a time for drawing. And then switch. And switch. And keep going for as long as possible.

In the end that should make me a lot more productive, and enjoy it, too.

What could be bad about such a strategy, even though it is not particularly streamlined?