63. A Different Story

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all your problems?

Perhaps so much you felt really down – stuck – maybe even depressed?

Maybe anxious?

There’s just too much on your plate, and you don’t know where to begin.

But you do know that you feel worse and worse about it every day.

It’s okay! It happens to all of us, more or less, during life.

Now, what you could do as regards the challenge of feeling overwhelmed is … to re-tell this personal story, too.

You could re-tell i as if it was … a journey-story.

It begins not with a first step, though – but with a map.

Our hero(es) are set out to go – like the Fellowship of the Ring – into the big confusing world. They need a map and they need to take time to make that map.

But they also know that once they have a map – even if it’s just a simple one – the journey has already become a bit easier.

It’s no longer like being stuck in a dark cave with seemingly no exits.

There is an exit. There is a path. And there is, because you have decided that this is another story: A story about a journey. Not a story about a breakdown.

Maybe you don’t know the path yet, but you have decided that it can be found.