634. What Works

I’d like to sum up some of the things I have tried so far that have NOT worked for me when it comes to making more money via my own projects (but you could apply the same lessons to an application for a job or promotion, I would argue).

What has NOT worked for me:

– vague or abstract offers (e.g. “advance your online business in a heart-aligned direction – hire me to help!”)

– unfinished offers (e.g. those historical novels I tried to write and started blogging and marketing about but never finished)

– waiting to make perfect offers (e.g. thinking ‘I have to make this totally aligned with all my passions and my deepest purpose before I can proceed’)

What HAS worked for me:

– concrete, practically useful offers (e.g. – “let me do your webshop”)

– finished offers (e.g. my live-talks).

It may seem too trite to mention but I’m doing it because I got some of the satisfaction I thought I would get from writing a book by doing live-talks, and it took less time to produce them. And so I actually finished and was able to find an audience and earn money!

– the best, not the most perfect, offers (e.g. starting my web-business without knowing everything about WordPress – but knowing more than most of my customers)

To sum up:

In my experience the only offers that made me money were offers that I could change into very concrete value for customers – first of all my web consulting, and secondly the hobby business I have in which I give live-talks about historical persons.

I hope these lessons/experiences can be of benefit to you! I’d be happy to elaborate, if you want me to.

I am also sure they will be well worth remembering from time to time, when I feels stuck myself 🙂