640. Still No Proof (of Acceptance)

I thought this comment on John Beckett’s excellent blog was worth sharing. It’s about  the overwhelming amount of scientific proof that actually exists of psi – or “magic” as John calls it.

You know, clairvoyance and that kind of stuff.

The stuff you thought was superstition. Maybe …

While real life psi or magic is not as flashy as in the movies, it certainly does exist. And there is plenty of science to prove it. That’s the only way I can read it.

But here’s that comment …

I read Dean Radin’s first book (The Conscious Universe) back in 1997 and sadly nothing much has changed, it seems – neither in the scientific world, nor in the mass media or public consciousness at large in the western world since that time.

There doesn’t appear to have been any significant acceptance of the existing scientific proof of psi, as Radin also calls it, or thought about its consequences. Most such debates still take place in niches around the Internet, academic or otherwise, and have little or no connection to … well, everything else, it seems.

I believe that usual forces of inertia are still at play and doing quite well: ideology and vested beliefs, institutional and financial stakes in the materialist worldview and, of course, not enough profitable opportunities …

I have given a lot of thought over the years of whether or not this lack of (acceptance of) knowledge was a problem (not knowledge as in ‘psi is fact’ but knowledge as in ‘whoo boy – there’ a lot more going on here than I thought’. I have come to a conclusion firstly that …

… it is no more, or no less, a problem than any other lack we face in our earthly existence – from war, poverty, ignorance, greed and so on. We live in world where these forces reign and are allowed to. Same with ignorance or denial of “magic”. And change does not seem to be imminent in the case of a broader acceptance of the psi research results of Radin and others.

So why do the gods (or whatever higher powers one believes in) allow all of this – including the ignorance of psi/magic? Big philosophical question. But the second part of my conclusion is

… that I have to have, well, faith that there is a good reason. I have a few theories and experience that seem to give a powerful reason, but at the end of the day I admit I know as little as the next guy. And I totally understand anyone who would like to Ockham’s Razor any psi or magic out of their world view, as in: ‘Ignorance of magic is allowed, because it does not exist!’

But I must conclude from experience that many people with such opinions have not actually read the scientific research which is there, not even in the form of Radin’s summaries.