68. More

Sometimes, more than often, I find myself a bit … low.

In terms of feeling ‘energy’.

It happens with no discernible reason behind it.

I should have slept enough, eaten enough, etc.

Maybe. But still … no clear reason.

Everything feels like drudgery. Life itself even …

I know deep inside, though, that these feelings must be a reflection of something real – if nothing else, then how most of the world sees itself:

Like we are all just droning by life, trying to get enough to do – so we don’t have to think too much about tomorrow or the wider world.

So we don’t have to think too much about our fears.

I think that’s normal, actually.

But I do believe it’s just one step on a very long road that leads to somewhere. To a place where we don’t accept droning by or suppression of fear as ‘normal’ first action.

Sometime in the future, I believe and hope, we will think first of more things than just what to eat next, or how to avoid this or that calamity – that we somehow are partly responsible for ourselves anyway (like a life-style disease, for example).

We will, generally speaking, not feel alone and isolated and disconnected as default, but more profoundly connected.

And more at peace because of it.

This is a kind of Utopia, of course – today and for most of the world.

But maybe not tomorrow.

Not if you see the world as I do.

For now, what is important for you to know is that I, too, forget the feeling of this hope ever so often.

Many times every day, in fact.

Sometimes, though, I do remember that there’s a stop button.

It’s called wonder.

Stop and feel the wonder of the world.

When you are feeling desolate.


Stop and look – really look – for something wondrous.

You know, a friend of mine said it exactly like that today:

“Chris, I believe children are helping us to look at the world with wonder again.”

We were just talking about how to avoid polluting our minds with too much negative news …

One of my sources of wonder is my favorite ‘science storyteller’, Brian Greene.

If you can find one of his videos on the net, you can see how the man just beams of enthusiasm about life, the universe and everything that he is researching — all of fantastic reality

(At least the part you explore in physics – but that is pretty BIG … )

You can feel it So Clearly: The en- THUsiasm.

And why not?! The man is talking about what was before the Big Bang and how we may be able to find out and why this is so utterly fantastic!

You just can’t help get a little bit smitten.

And suddenly the feeling of drudgery seems to … evaporate.

Like the universe just knocked on the door, peeked its head inside my living room and said:

‘Hey, don’t forget how fantastic I am!

‘- Do you feel still a little bit down, mate?

‘If not, I’ll tell you more … ’cause there is more where it came from … ‘