70. Only Possible Moments

Today my friend, JMO, is coming to help move the desk into the little room so the former living room/office can be fully baby-fied.

Right after work, right before flying off to Germany for a meeting early next morning.

We’ve known each other, on and off, since we were about 9 and 11 years old.

It struck me today that if I never got old, or older … if I stayed young … I wouldn’t have experienced today.

Like many other days – with an old friend I know so well now, who has his own children, all sorts of scars but most healed, and (with me) a shared knowing what time and life can bring.

Just a simple damn table and a gesture, but knowing how tumultuous our lives are going to be, that makes it more.

My friend knows. So it’s not just that he helps with a trivial thing, although it costs him on a busy schedule. He would have done that anyway, on most days.

But he helps and knows.

Knows me. Knows children.

Knows changes. Knows time.

And cares.

And I know that he knows and cares.

That moment today with him then … would not have been possible 25 years ago … because some moments need to mature.

To grow old in the right way. For the right purpose.

Like something you drink that warms you for a long time after.

That’s worth it. Worth our age.