71. The Reason for Dreams

Big dreams and visions are about what we want out of life.

I’ve read about shipwrecked sailors drifting around in a lifeboat for weeks or more before they were saved. Or prisoners of war.

What sustained them was not only ‘trying to counter your negative thoughts’.

There is not much you can do to argue with the fact that it is a terrible situation to be in – stranded in a boat drifting the oceans, or in a deep dungeons somewhere.

Often, the only thing you can do – that will keep you alive – is dreaming of the freedom. Of salvation. Of your loved ones – meeting them again.

That will feel like an incredible dream once you are away from them, so of course it is about perspective.

But the key is not that there are some dreams that are better or more right than others.

They key is to acknowledge that you need to take time to focus on what you wish and want for, even if you don’t believe you can get it – or that it is very far away.

Do that consistently – telling yourself: ‘I know it is not true now, but it is a good day dream. It’s a fantasy. I am allowed that!’

What will happen?