76. I Don’t Want to Hear What They Will Not Say (at My Funeral)

I decided to have another go today at detox from social media and certain (news)-sites.

I want to feel calmer and more ordered and more at peace. And become a father. And run a company.

Won’t happen unless I pull up some weeds.

One weed that has bothered me a long time is Donald J. Trump. Both before and since his election I’ve been spending, say, an hour at least per day following his merits, or lack thereof.

Hoping, I guess, he would somehow do something that was terrible enough to get booted out, first of the election then of the White House.

Well, he is doing lots of terrible things and saying even more terrible things.

And the truth is that he will still do that whether or not I junk-read news about him. So that stops right now.

I won’t spend a minute more of my life polluting my mind with focused reading about this man. Why should I?

I mean, if he blows up Latvia because their president didn’t retweet one of his bullshit boasts then I’ll be sure to find out soon enough.

It’s with Trump as it is with the serenity prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

I can’t change American politics, much less the man in charge right now. He will do lots of damage but maybe at the end of the day he is not nearly as bad, at least in terms of body counts, as some of the real dictators of the world.

And I can’t change them either.

But I can change stuff here and now and more generally with the people I can reach out to, online and offline. And I can do that a lot better if my mind isn’t polluted with junk news.

I can do it especially with regard to my son, but pretty much anyone else I can affect is included.

I don’t do them any favors by spending an hour watching for Donald’s next move every day. I don’t do anyone else any favors.

So it stops. Now.

I also put some controls on Facebook etc. again.

I don’t do myself, my business, my family or the order I so crave in my small apartment any favors by spending another hour each day looking at pretty pictures and reading about opinions.

It’s banal. It’s cliche. It’s truth.

So let’s take action on that truth once and for all.

They say you have a responsibility to society to keep informed and use your vote and influence.

That means keep informed about what is relevant to your vote and influence.

The same for other things.

Since when was pretty pictures on Facebook relevant to your health, job, family or anything else?

But you can control it, right? You don’t spend so much time on social media that it matters, right?

10 minutes a day makes for 3650 minutes per year makes for 60 hours per year.

That’s not so much time to look at pretty pictures.

Only 10 minutes more to read about some idiot who is a disgrace to the office he currently occupies and what he will do next.

Will people thank you at your funeral for having spent 120 hours per year for that? Almost a month full time work per year.

As if you volunteered for summer camp to help the disabled. Oh, wait that’s only 1 week per year. Or …

Will people thank you? Your family? Your son or daughter? Voters in the United States?

I know what they will say at my funeral if I continue like this.

With being able ‘to control it’ …

I know what they’ll say. Or rather: What they will not say because I didn’t do much about it.

I know what they’ll not say. And I don’t want to hear it.