77. First Silence

First day on my new social/news media detox.

I also exited the insurance system completely today, by the way. Rely on finding clients for my company in the future. Strange … doesn’t feel like such a big deal now, despite all the uncertainty that goes with it.

Maybe in some months when I am a father I might feel more worried about money, but for now it feels like it’s … okay.

No more than that. It’s a relief. To finally dare make the leap. And trust that there be clients enough to support me. Not insurance. Clients.

A relief …

Like that detox.

Went to work with a client all day and home and did dishes and only checked mail a few times when it was work-related. Same with social media.

And no news – except a few minutes to see the national news’ website (DR). And that was mostly because I wanted to check if traffic was okay for my trip home.

Char had a sore back this morning. She is getting bigger, so small wonder. She also threw up again. I know, unfortunately, that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Still, I look so much forward to Jay’s coming … and it seems the joy of thinking about him increases every day. May there be plenty more.

I think there will …

You know, the most important thing is still that I felt calm – much more calm – throughout such a busy day, with so many uncertainties in view.

That must be because I detoxed. Cut off bad social media, bad news, bad noise.

From the Internet.

Only went with what was necessary

So … can I keep this shift real this time? Or will I fall back into the ‘need for noise?’

Is the inner silence and its inherent peace enough?

Today I am not in doubt.