8. Never nothing

I donated about 35 dollars this evening to the Red Cross’ efforts to save children and everybody else in Syria. I just couldn’t stand reading about it in the news anymore.

Aleppo is falling – even more than it has fallen before, and in so many dark ways.

Thousands of innocent people trapped in there, like a cage of hell. Men, women, children…

“Only the children” as Toto sings:

Why must the ones just beginning
Stand with their backs to the wall

So did it help? Probably. In a very small way.

I shared it on Facebook and tried to get people up to this one of many collections.

I even wrote RC and made some suggestions to improve their social sharing options on the donation page.

And tomorrow it continues. In Syria. And many other places.

What do I tell my son when he gets old enough to understand:

About why it happens and what you can do to stop it – when you can’t really understand the first or answer the second?

Perhaps I tell him that all that matters is that you try. That you do something.

Never nothing.