85. Perks

What is this blog for, anyway? Nobody reads it, and I feel too little energy and too little time to promote it.

I know. I have seen the stats. There are virtually no visitors.

With the increasing vastness of the Internet, will it even be discovered when I have 840 posts?

Perhaps not unless I do something. But what?

What can I mobilize time and energy for, under the circumstances?

Maybe I should eat better? More raw, veggies and such?

I already eat mostly vegs, plus some eggs and fish. But also carb and coffee, a lot.

(I admit it, The Enemy got me again … although I still pretend to resist it.)

Well … yes, but maybe there’s a smarter solution. At least for the energy-problem.

You see, sometimes I’m not finished with … all the Stuff until 8PM-ish or later.

So why not do it in the mornings instead? I mean, aside from the two days I work at my photographer customer, who is still marginally difficult, then I don’t have to get up and get into an office ANY time I don’t please.

I’m independent now. That’s the truth. I’ve got my own company. I dared to do it.

Gotta be some perks.

And hey, even when Jay has kept us up most of night I will still feel more energy in the morning than after a whole day of tiring work on websites and whatnot.

I can take him in his carriage to a cafe for example and pretend I’m Hemingway, or just a bench in the park and bring a notebook and write a little. Or a pad and draw a little.

I can do that if I need to because Char needs to sleep, and if she doesn’t I can do it alone.

Just for an hour.

And then do all the stuff that zaps my energy.

I’ve tried this switching many times to gain more energy at least for my deepest passion and purpose-work, such as writing and drawing.

It rarely worked out – one scheme – for very long. But maybe it will this time?

Jay will make it difficult at times, but it’s not like when I worked as a helper for disabled persons and had to stay up all night – No Sleep At All.

Sometimes clients may make it difficult, sure, but not all times.

Cause. I. Don’t. Have. A. Job. Anymore.

I’m self-employed now.

That’s a another form of the curse of Adam in so many ways.

But it’s got its perks. Like getting to decide, mostly, when you get up and ‘go to work’.

And if I can do nothing else right now about to make energy and time for my passion and purpose, than getting up when I will, then I can damn well do that.

Yeah, I can put those perks to use.

Watch me.