88. What I Can Afford

I’ve given a lot of thought on how to get more energy, more synergy and generally feeling better. Especially now. At 43-ish. With a son coming up.

Generally speaking I should strive to make it very simple. So if I don’t help myself, my family/close friends or the world in a very concrete sense, I should seriously consider not doing something.

Helping myself includes pleasing my clients and delivering good results, both of which are not always the same. But I’ll have to strike a balance there. More on that later …

Here’s what I feel I should do to revise things, in no particular order:

  • When I wake up, check national news and BBC only online: I don’t need to know in-depth about why Trump is stupid or some horror goes on in Yemen. Can’t do anything about it anyway.
  • Check minimalist blogs or other blogs I’d like to guest publish on instead of news or insubstantial stuff when I wake up.
  • Blog myself in the morning when I’m freshest. D’uh.
  • Limit personal and total email to morning only. Unsubscribe from every non-essential subscription. Including feeds. No new feeds.
  • Throw things out instead of cleaning and ordering them for the nth time
  • No Facebook except to check on select friends and do my job, e.g. ask in the WordPress-group about something:
  • Put a small pad in my pocket to use for sketch instead of staring at phone
  • Quit mail and social media on phone (already done)
  • Buy small ‘shots’ of fresh juice, raw snacks and other such stuff to/from clients and gigs instead of coffee and [blush] donuts. It’s available plenty and relatively cheap here, if you deduct the costs of time to make it yourself and loss from throwing away fruit you didn’t use. It’ll keep me healthy and clearer in mind.
  • Drop the ambition of using Photoshop and light board for drawing. Just one pad. Just pencils. Draw in evenings and when home, when there is time, instead of watching anything, TV-series or YouTube or playing a game or random surfing. This last one is tough but I feel I should give it my best shot.
  • That goes for the ‘substantial stuff’ I read and watch online as well, for my learning and enjoyment. As important as it may seem in general it is simply not important enough anymore. If I want to learn more about the world I have to do so in a smarter way, now that I’m about to be a father and own my own lil’ company and have to earn. And nobody is helped by me watching more videos about quantum physics, anyway. And if I want to learn new stuff, it’s quicker and better to buy a new ebook and read it in my own pace, e.g. when commuting. Reading is wonderful, not in the least because you can scan. And by god, people repeat themselves all the time – even popular scientists and historians. Esp. those.
  • Everything above is subject to revision once Jay is here.

That’s it for now. The millionth revision of my daily todos and rhythms in order to be a happier person. I wonder how it’ll work this time.

Much of it probably won’t work, but I feel my attitude towards all this has changed. I feel I’m more like my old warrior-self, ready to run the gauntlet. Or find a way around it.

Any way. With that determination.

I simply can’t afford anything else than determination if I want to be happier.