This blog is a personal challenge of mine.

It is a blog I am not allowed to quit – for a very long time.

That would be about 39 years.

Yes, you read that right.

I intend this blog to be a mix of diary, philosophy, clips and quotes, stories and the occasional attempt at being poetic.

I intend to write every day in my life for 14,012 days.

That is fourteen thousand and twelve days counting from 6 December 2016.

By my calculations – if I live that long and the world (and the Internet) doesn’t break down in the meantime – then this blog will continue until 27 July 2055.

Days when for some reason I am unable to blog will be caught up with as soon as possible. So if I am 2 days behind, maybe one day I will write three blog posts.

Why the number 14,012?

Well, I’m afraid that’s personal. But it is a number that motivates me.

Mostly because it is so large and ludicrously ambitious.

Today, in 2016, I am 42 years old.

I am also an average guy, living with my girlfriend in an average apartment in the capital city of our country.

I (sometimes) earn money as a web designer, or as a web-strategy-consultant.

I am soon to be a father. Which thrills and scares me indescribably at the same time.

I’ve had my share of failures and successes in life. Yeah, those.

And I like to think, feel, and write about it all.

I’ve loved blogging for as long as blogging has been a thing, since 2004, and have started countless of blogs, only to fail again and again at keeping them alive. Only to start new ones again and again.

Why do such a crazy thing? Blog for 14,012 days in a row?

Well, on a personal level because I’m tired of giving up.

As hinted, I have many – perhaps about 20 or 30 – abandoned blogs behind me. Some of them I don’t even remember what was about. Or even their names …

On a larger level I do it because I want to leave something valuable behind when I leave this life, and believe it or not – this is actually the best I can think of.

And yes, I’ve tried many other things.

So now you know the why.

I hope you’ll share a blog post if it appeals to you, but even more I hope you’ll share your own experience in the comments.

And most of all I hope you will benefit from what I write, one way or another.

That’s really all I want this craziness to achieve.

I’m Christopher Marcus and this is The Blog.