636. Who Indeed

In my experience there is a huge sense of ‘this cannot be different’ among people when they once in a while are stopped and forced to think about the world. All the crime, poverty, violence and war out there (and sometimes close by).

That sense of powerlessness is paralyzing and usually leads to people, well, thinking about something else rather quickly. That is my experience anyway and I do understand it.

When I was younger and a student (of course!) I loved to discuss more social justice and how to bring it about.

Now I am older, with more obligations and probably also more disillusioned, although I definitely believe in a better society still. But I do tend to not allow myself many moments wondering about it. 

There is another task for me to be sure. If I – idealistic as I consider myself – have also become prone to ‘not thinking too much about a better world’ … then what hope is there? How can I ask people are busier than I am and even less idealistic … to think more about what we could do to change the world?

I don’t have an answer. It is something about striving to be a better example, perhaps. And starting small.

Perhaps it is easier to show other people that you are into organic foods and let that be an example. It is certainly easier than discussing world food policy.

Who can do something about that?

Yes, who indeed?

635. Jumping In

In terms of my Distant Mirrors project idea …

I would like to evolve my live-talk business, when I have enough time to invest, so it can replace more of my income from webdesign (and temp work). My dream is to have a YouTube channel or similar with thousands of subscribers who then fund me via donations and possibly a bit of merchandise sales.

I have, however, no clear offer for that channel which I feel confident enough about to start with. I was thinking about drawing and talking about what we can learn from historical persons, doing and recording live-talks, doing slide-shows as I do for my live-audiences or any combination thereof. But aside from the entertainment value and the pretty broad ‘let’s learn from Joan of Arc etc.’ I don’t feel I have a clear enough value proposition – yet. Part of the challenge is, of course, that if you are interested in history you might not be interested in the same part of history or the same persons that I am interested in.

My gut feel is that I should probably just go with broad entertainment value at first and do whatever the hell I like and “see who shows up” in the words of a marketing mentor I had a few years ago.

As much as I find it beneficial to implement ideas that are more concrete and use-oriented, in this case I have a feeling that it stifles me to make this project too much of a collection of problem-solving products, videos or otherwise – as I know most professional marketers in the online info-business like to recommend.

But there are huge YouTube channels out there on a wide scale of production values and with many followers and it certainly seems to me that their attraction, aside from the topic matter, is that “unique essence” and experience you mention as USP.

So … that’s likely where I will start, with whatever time I can scrape together to invest in it in the coming years and months.

I have the bitter experience that if I don’t start with something that gives me energy right away, then I usually stall. So I will just have to keep at it long enough to see if it can become a project that give other people energy as well.

I think so, but I don’t know. I have to jump into it to find out. Risk the investment.

Isn’t that what life is all about?

634. What Works

What has NOT worked for me with regard to making money:

– vague or abstract offers (e.g. “advance your online business in a heart-aligned direction – hire me to help!”)

– unfinished offers (e.g. those historical novels I tried to write and started blogging and marketing about but never finished)

– waiting to make perfect offers (e.g. thinking ‘I have to make this totally aligned with all my passions and my deepest purpose before I can proceed’)

What HAS worked for me:

– concrete, practically useful offers (e.g. – “let me do your webshop”)

– finished offers (e.g. my live-talks).

It may seem too trite to mention but I’m doing it because I got some of the satisfaction I thought I would get from writing a book by doing live-talks, and it took less time to produce them. And so I actually finished and was able to find an audience and earn money!

– the best, not the most perfect, offers (e.g. starting my web-business without knowing everything about WordPress – but knowing more than most of my customers)

I hope these lessons/experiences can be of benefit to you! I’d be happy to elaborate, if you want me to.

I am also sure they will be well worth remembering from time to time, when I feels stuck myself 🙂

633. The Long Road to Easy

I think one should always be cautious when assessing any ‘make-more-money-by-following-my-program-guy’ if the conversation comes to how easy it is “manifest” money if you first are able to do as they instruct.

There are many reasons but a chief one is this:

Many such people already have a system in place for earning money. They can put out a random e-book and ask people to pay 10 dollars for it, and with only about 1 percent conversion rate he would have earned at least a couple of thousand dollars.

So what does this mean? That it is “easy”? Yes, certainly – if you have done 10+ years of hard work building your site rank and mailing list.

In other cases, then?

What about the metaphysical stuff? Law of Attraction? Think and Grow Rich?

I will say if it is true that there is a cause and effect between ‘just’ thinking about manifesting, say money and then money coming into your life, then it has also a lot to do with hard mental work.

Only now I feel that manifestation of stuff in my life by way of affirmation is working for me – even though it is purely a subjective and un-provable evaluation, of course.

But it certainly feels to me like the Universe/God/AI/whatever has an easier time giving you resources when you have trained yourself to be open, positive, not needy and mostly free of negative self-talk. That is also what other New Thought thinkers write, like Napoleon Hill. Or popular spiritual authors, like Neale Donald Walsch.

So, yeah, I believe it is possible to make easy money. Either through business or thought.

But to get to the point where it is easy … that takes a long time and investment.

632. Leading

People who have had terrible experiences are not looking at first for explanations of someone else’s belief in their innate metaphysical responsibility of the awful experiences that have befallen them, like rape or loss of a child or serious illness. They are looking for empathy.

That is not particularly difficult to understand, if you come from my world. What is difficult is showing empathy to the people who don’t understand it.

But leading by example should still work. It has to. 

631. The Upside

Having children changes a lot to put it mildly.

On the downside you get to have to earn more money and less time to yourself. On the upside … well, everything good about having children – and then this perspective that you want something better for them. Including bettering yourself.

Char and I have had some rather exhausting discussions about money over the summer and I have had worries to go with that, but I often get back to that perspective:

“This is not Somalia. Our problems are solvable. I want to be a better example for my son.”

I.e. focusing more on solutions than arguing and throwing guilt around.

That is the only way.

630. Magical Energy and Its Uses

Had a few hours for myself before noon one day, and felt strongly – despite Everything Else That Requires Attention – that I should focus on Hammer & Magic. Get that writing project up again and running.

If nothing else then for the sake of feeling some of the, well, magic in life. I have a tendency to push that away, and I don’t want to feed that tendency. It’ll be one of those things I regret when – sooner or later – I have to leave.

Since I did not have a lot of time, I started wanting to do a new chapter. But then I halted.

The characters felt like they had grown ‘cold’. I could not write about them.

I knew what had to be done. And now I had only an hour and a half left.

But I had to read all of the existing 79 pages, or as many as possible, once more. From the beginning.

Then, I knew from experience, the world would come alive to me again. And I would certainly be ‘warmed up’.

Unfortunately, my time would also be up. This time.

But I made the choice to read.

I was – and I am  gambling that that is the correct choice. That it is an infusion of that writing-energy that I need.

Especially to be able to find more time, where hitherto I thought there was none.

629. Deeper

Whether or not the universe is essentially “loving” as it is called here is one of the Big Questions of spirituality, religion and philosophy since the dawn of humankind. Anyone who asserts that this is so should IMO be able to answer why and how this is so, when the world we live in is obviously not so.

And a lot of people assert it, especially if they sell books or courses about how you can change your thoughts and beliefs about the universe and then goodness, especially money, will start flowing to you.

But … in case you forgot: Try Google News for awhile and see how many articles it finds about children being killed for the most insane reasons (some weeks ago I read one about a mother throwing her daughter off a bridge). I can only assume that the Google algorithm delivers news that most people click on. And it has always been so that bad news have a magnetic attraction … but I digress: the bad news is there. The question is how to interpret it.

How the hell (yes, hell) do we square that kind of experience of … well, evil … with a “loving” universe?

Well, we can try. We should try. Otherwise … what else is there to do but sink into frightened escapism or superior atheistic cynicism or argument-proof and ultimately irrational religiosity? 

I have personally gotten a lot from constructing a worldview based on near-death experience reports, reincarnation research and a few select modern mystics, such as my fellow Dane, Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981), who did an impressive book series about why the world is as it is and why that is ‘good’ anyway.

But as with the smaller things in life, that general experience that the world is actually ‘good deep down’ does not become real until you, well, experience it. Often in very concrete ways. And it can be set back, for example if you have trauma as some here have mentioned.

But for myself I am mostly reminded that I believe the universe is … somehow better than I feared … in times of trial. Like when I was hospitalized with a serious illness 13 years ago, or when our first child was born and it was a very difficult birth. Not immediately, obviously, but after a period of trial when I have tried to reconnect with the universe, so to speak. I usually use prayer to connect with that Greater Something Or Other which some call “God”; but also affirmations, and I have a feeling that both work and move me, either to better situations or give me the strength to endure.

I can’t accept that the universe is “loving” through superficial proof alone, though, like having 200 synchronicities happen each year when I ask for something or other. And I have had my share of synchronicities that seemed Very Hard to explain away as coincidence, and I feel I have been helped by Something Greater as explained before – in times of need.

However, for me personally I need a cosmology – and a rational one at that – to allow myself to interpret these events positively. And to accept that some children get thrown off bridges, but that there may be more than just that horrible outcome. If the universe is “deeply loving” then there is more. As well as some kind of meaning behind what happened there, even if you might have to delve deep into concepts of karma and past lives to produce an explanation that helps. And even if that explanation helps you, it might not help the grieving family.

I recommend reading books like Conversations with God to get a very good supplement to and foundation for the view that the universe, at its core level is “deeply loving”. I also recommend, as mentioned, reading about near-death experiences – e.g. on iands.org. But it is my strong experience that each person needs a slightly different shared insight, such as another version of these sources – and then a slightly different personal experience – to accept that positive world view.

And even then … acceptance of a positive world view (with this particular spiritual flavor) is often something that flows and ebbs. For pretty much all human beings. It does so for me all the time, when I see bad news or experience it myself and then I have to remind myself of my particular ‘faith’ and seek out reinforcement for it – somehow.

628. Waiting for Fun?

I haven’t found a way to make money doing something I enjoy right away that did not involve some kind of job or selling my time, and I’ve tried various approaches to avoid having a job/selling time for about 10 years – on and off. But it is a pipe dream.

It’s like if the Brits said in 1939: “Is there any way to win this war next Monday – without going through all the trouble of building up an army to kick this Hitler dude to somewhere the sun doesn’t shine?”

In short: Any kind of asset/system building that will make you money ‘while you sleep’ takes time to build.


But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, to build that fun business – while you do other business to make a living.

627. The Storm Lamp

WordPress.com has evolved a lot over the years … and I had failed to notice that they have such a great search engine for finding other interesting (WordPress.com) blogs. Perhaps because I’ve been busy building self-hosted WP blogs for some years now, I dunno.

But it works, and I’ve already found lots of interesting blogs – very quickly and easily. I love it!

For years now, as the blogosphere has just grown and grown, I have felt that despite the existence of various portals, it was increasingly difficult to find good blogs to follow.

I’m not talking about the big, really often very superficial blogs about anything from personal development to health. I’m talking about normal … blogs. Done by normal people. With jobs and small businesses and whatnot. Artists and housewives. Schoolteachers and veterans. Hobby researchers and wanderers. Anyone really! Not Mr. Super Guru or Miss Marketing Phenomenon.

So I look forward to finally connecting more with other bloggers – finally. But I figure that a good first step is to deliver more blogs that are easier for other people to enjoy.

I mean, really – it is not rocket science!

626. Belonging

“The hunger to belong is at the heart of our nature. Cut off from others, we atrophy and turn in on ourselves. The sense of belonging is the natural balance of our lives. Mostly, we do not need to make an issue of belonging. When we belong, we take it for granted. There is some innocent childlike side to the human heart that is always deeply hurt when we are excluded. Belonging suggests warmth, understanding, and embrace. No one was created for isolation. When we become isolated, we are prone to being damaged; our minds lose their flexibility and natural kindness; we become vulnerable to fear and negativity. The sense of belonging keeps you in balance amidst the inner and outer immensities. The ancient and eternal values of human life—truth, unity, goodness, justice, beauty, and love are all statements of true belonging; they are the also the secret intention and dream of human longing.”

– John O’Donohue

625. Unblocking

Clearing a writer’s block … It is all about tapping into the energy again … like warming up before doing exercises or sports.

The question about which warm up method is best must not stall me too much, though. I have to act. So I do a thread on AH.com and we will see what happens.

That is the best way, as always, to get the energy. To do something – anything at all, really. Instead of just sitting and thinking and feeling more and more stuck.

624. Turning

So from now on I will use affirmations pretty much 24/7 about how money is flowing to me, in all the variations that feel right. In all the ways that feel right.

I do believe this can have some sort of metaphysical effect of ‘attracting’ money, but this post is not long enough to explain why I do believe – to a degree – that that is possible.

Suffice to say I’m not a big fan of the uncritical New Thought gurus out there who just throw it out as fact – that this can work and then fail to explain why the hell it is like that. Does God have a sick sense of humor or what? Why didn’t He/She/It give the billions of poor people in the world the power and insight to attract a little more food in their lives, then?

No, there is a cosmology here that I have, and which is required to be able to believe the results you apparently get. Because as some people I know are fond of reiterating: If you do this right, you do get results! You can’t prove, however – they also stress – that this is not just coincidence. You can only get to a point where things seem to happen enough and then you have to make a choice and decide if you believe in it or still deny it.

So much for philosophy.

But I’m not here to create metaphysical money first and foremost. I’m here to create peace in my mind.

One of the things that almost destroyed me when I was depressed and suffering from anxiety in the early 00’s was how much my mind worked against me – always found all the worst outcomes and focused on.

So the primary objective of this Change is to teach myself to focus positively, by allowing myself to actually FEEL what it would be like if money flowed freely in my life, if I had enough money.

To feel it. But fully knowing it is imagination. Like sex. But you imagine that as well all the time because it feels good, right? You don’t run around imagining that you never have sex (well, some may do – but … never mind).

So I need to empower myself and I do this first by changing my focus here. Permanently.

623. The Way To Go

I feel down and frozen. It is a vicious circle. I feel there is too little time to really delve into this project and hence I freeze up and don’t get things done. Some times nothing at all, sometimes very little.

So it is a self-defeating process.

I feel there is too little time, so that freezes me and I don’t do enough with the time I do have. And hence I get even less time to complete something, because … well, time passes. And in the end it is over.

Maybe it is just today. Yesterday I felt a bit better and got more done, in less time, actually. I recorded a video, and even though I did not use it because it was not good quality at least I got that done.

Today I have just uploaded a video and then done all sorts of house-chores that I also felt needed to be done, and soon I have to go fetch Jay, and I have sent some emails to customers who asked about stuff and I have postponed that stuff.

I fear I am impacted by some sort of down-ish energy. But how to break the circle.

Maybe if I just force myself to do one video, no matter how shitty it is. Maybe at least I can say I tried.

Maybe I can break the deadlock in my mind. And if not I can say I tried.

Maybe that is the best way to go.

I wish things were easier, but since they are not – let me go this way.