600. Looking Back (vi)

While I have a normal life – not a life on some mountain peak somewhere – on a mountain made of money – then I can actually talk about how to deal with stuff that most people deal with:

Work/life balance.

Debt and money.

Kids and family.



Ideals and career.

And much more.

That’s what I blog about. That’s what I want to talk about also, while I do The Lines, and find inspiration in those historical persons, whom I draw.

And share that.

That’s from a guy who is in it – not someone who ‘transcended scarcity long ago’. That’s advice about how to keep it together and keep up hope While You Are In It.

That is leading from the front.

500. Looking Back (v)

So, full circle, in a strange way.

And no trying to escape anymore – to more money, more fame, more artistic income streams, more ‘important’ work or shit like that.

And that acceptance, as I have chronicled before, is … huge.

Of course, it comes with a condition: In my spare time I should do EVERYTHING to follow my artistic dreams. 

Not to do something big and famous or to earn enough on that and ‘break free’ from my self-employment life as a WordPress and WooCommerce consultant and fixer but simply to … do it. Live it. Enjoy it.

Otherwise: What is the bloody point?!

And that is a good way to start looking forward.

350. Looking Back (iii)

Some thoughts about where I have been and where I am going … Art & Creativity & Stories I needed time to rediscover myself here, and ‘clean’ my motivations so I only do what my heart is really in. I feel now that I may want to at least draw something just for myself, and perhaps this … Read More

200. Looking Back (ii)

I’ve realized – now more than ever – that I want to be free of any drive to be famous, rich – to have ‘position’. Drivers inside for fame, money and position are, actually, chains – not drivers. That much is clear to me. A very important realization. I’d like to elaborate on this, but … Read More

100. Looking Back (i)

God, the Divine, what you want to call it. I don’t know exactly how This Larger Something works, I only feel very strongly that it is there – despite the chaos and darkness in this world. And that it can and will and is helping us, but that we have to learn to receive that help, all of the time. So I believe it is about mindset, and maybe heart-set, too.