627. The Storm Lamp

WordPress.com has evolved a lot over the years … and I had failed to notice that they have such a great search engine for finding other interesting (WordPress.com) blogs. Perhaps because I’ve been busy building self-hosted WP blogs for some years now, I dunno.

But it works, and I’ve already found lots of interesting blogs – very quickly and easily. I love it!

For years now, as the blogosphere has just grown and grown, I have felt that despite the existence of various portals, it was increasingly difficult to find good blogs to follow.

I’m not talking about the big, really often very superficial blogs about anything from personal development to health. I’m talking about normal … blogs. Done by normal people. With jobs and small businesses and whatnot. Artists and housewives. Schoolteachers and veterans. Hobby researchers and wanderers. Anyone really! Not Mr. Super Guru or Miss Marketing Phenomenon.

So I look forward to finally connecting more with other bloggers – finally. But I figure that a good first step is to deliver more blogs that are easier for other people to enjoy.

I mean, really – it is not rocket science!

600. Looking Back (vi)

While I have a normal life – not a life on some mountain peak somewhere – on a mountain made of money – then I can actually talk about how to deal with stuff that most people deal with:

Work/life balance.

Debt and money.

Kids and family.



Ideals and career.

And much more.

That’s what I blog about. That’s what I want to talk about also, while I do The Lines, and find inspiration in those historical persons, whom I draw.

And share that.

That’s from a guy who is in it – not someone who ‘transcended scarcity long ago’. That’s advice about how to keep it together and keep up hope While You Are In It.

That is leading from the front.

586. Third Reason Why I Started Drawing Again

But one thing can be measured, for what it is worth: The Blog itself. If it keeps growing year by year and keeps getting traffic and at one time the Putin bots that now are my only regular visitors will be replaced by engaged human beings … then that is a yardstick for impact.

However crude and imperfect.

And I believe it is a better impact – given my experience, talent and skill – then I can give in this life as a social worker or a worker in a social justice organisation, paid or voluntary.

I will not say no to such positions if opportunity arises and it feels right.

But right now the point is moot, because it doesn’t really look like I can qualify for any meaningful position within the humanitarian organisations anymore, and as regards work for individual persons, e.g. as a helper for the disabled, I just don’t have that much to give anymore. I am not getting younger and the job is hard. And it doesn’t scale at all – so: Extremely limited  impact.

But even if I could get a job in, say, Action Aid International I would still feel that The Blog is, as far as I can see right now, the best thing I can give to the world.

And that means that my drawing is free from that demand.

And good riddance.

I don’t need to change the world via drawing, or storytelling.

I just need to draw.

559. No Alternative to Dreams

I realize and remember that there is no alternative to hope. 
Even if you have to wait to begin hoping for something better because your mind feels like ice.

What you can’t throw away is the awareness that there has to come a time again, when there will be a thaw. And then wait for that time.

The alternative is to wait for nothing, which is death, and that is not an alternative.

478. Sanitizing

Decided only to blog in the evenings after Jay has gone to bed – which is insane of course, if I ever want to get more blogging done in the short-term.

Or perhaps it is sanest of all.

I mean, that affirms that I even though I truly do want The Blog to be big, helpful and much read … my primary priority IS for blogging to give me energy. Not going to make the same mistake with blogging – again – which killed so many novels for me. That would be … well, you know what it would be.

So I expect the next many future entries to be much shorter, more concise and thematically all over the place.

I also expect a better blog because of just that.

462. Greater Damage

I have said to hell with all the multitude of contradictions and dead ends that are in the previous 460 posts or so, or in many of them.

So what if there is that? What is really the damage?

Isn’t it a greater damage not to be able to let go and start over?

457. THIS Is The Blog

The Blog (or the light house) is like life and the soul – it is also a mystery. It is chaotic. It contains dead ends and contradictions and multitudes of all of that and more. And whoever wants to read it has a responsibility him- or herself to navigate those labyrinths and find what is needed. But I can only promise that there will always be a glow, not perfect order or no dead ends. But a glow that leads on.

And that is … The Blog  

365. A Year and The Beginning of Connecting

It doesn’t matter if I succeed at work, with my family or with art. There is always something to tell – to blog. If I have not said this before, I will gladly say it again, because it is worth remembering.

It is not just about saying things, it is about sharing them. And giving something to others thereby. Something we all strive for deep down, I believe.

It is a blessing that this is possible in the day of the Internet, even if you fuck up most other things in your life.