649. The Trick

Whenever I feel like getting depressed, it usually helps to look at pictures of the world – of people – nature – everything.

Pictures that remind me of beauty. Like … Unsplash. But really, there are lots of places on the ‘net.

And in the world.

The trick is to remember that you need to look for them, whenever you feel that shadow coming into your heart.

527. Affirmations and Being Present

But back to the other point: Do affirmations conflict with the ideal to stay mindful in the present, what I call to build “The Experience”?

It depends, I guess.

If you do affirmations formulated like the one above (“is xxx”) I don’t think so.

But the manner in which you do them is also important.

If you do them in the way you would use one of those de-stress balls you can squeeze, I don’t think they will hurt your experience of the present.

Depending on what the affirmations are about, they will more likely tend to keep out stressful thoughts about, say, money – which would otherwise conflict with your attempts to enjoy the present!

But of course if you use a different set of words, and if you struggle and strain while saying the affirmations … then all bets are off.

522. The Experience

That is the core of The Experience.

And even if your work, your purpose, your everything else fails in this life, you will be redeemed if you work everyday to have the best Experience – to value everything there is to value as much as possible.

Then you can’t really lose. You can only be fulfilled.