640. Still No Proof (of Acceptance)

I read Dean Radin’s first book (The Conscious Universe) back in 1997 and sadly nothing much has changed, it seems – neither in the scientific world, nor in the mass media or public consciousness at large in the western world since that time.

There doesn’t appear to have been any significant acceptance of the existing scientific proof of psi, as Radin calls it, or thought about its consequences.

(Psi: You know … clairvoyance, telekinesis and that kind of stuff. Which you probably thought was superstition.)

Anyway – most such debates still take place in niches around the Internet, academic or otherwise, and have little or no connection to … well, everything else, it seems.

I believe that usual forces of inertia are still at play and doing quite well: ideology and vested beliefs, institutional and financial stakes in the materialist worldview and, of course, not enough profitable opportunities …

I have given a lot of thought over the years of whether or not this lack of (acceptance of) knowledge was a problem (not knowledge as in ‘psi is fact’ but knowledge as in ‘whoo boy – there’ a lot more going on here than I thought’. I have come to a conclusion firstly that …

… it is no more, or no less, a problem than any other lack we face in our earthly existence – from war, poverty, ignorance, greed and so on. We live in world where these forces reign and are allowed to. Same with ignorance or denial of “magic”. And change does not seem to be imminent in the case of a broader acceptance of the psi research results of Radin and others.

So why do the gods (or whatever higher powers one believes in) allow all of this – including the ignorance of psi/magic? Big philosophical question. But the second part of my conclusion is

… that I have to have, well, faith that there is a good reason. I have a few theories and experience that seem to give a powerful reason, but at the end of the day I admit I know as little as the next guy. And I totally understand anyone who would like to Ockham’s Razor any psi or magic out of their world view, as in: ‘Ignorance of magic is allowed, because it does not exist!’

But I must conclude from experience that many people with such opinions have not actually read the scientific research which is there, not even in the form of Radin’s summaries.

629. Deeper

Whether or not the universe is essentially “loving” as it is called here is one of the Big Questions of spirituality, religion and philosophy since the dawn of humankind. Anyone who asserts that this is so should IMO be able to answer why and how this is so, when the world we live in is obviously not so.

And a lot of people assert it, especially if they sell books or courses about how you can change your thoughts and beliefs about the universe and then goodness, especially money, will start flowing to you.

But … in case you forgot: Try Google News for awhile and see how many articles it finds about children being killed for the most insane reasons (some weeks ago I read one about a mother throwing her daughter off a bridge). I can only assume that the Google algorithm delivers news that most people click on. And it has always been so that bad news have a magnetic attraction … but I digress: the bad news is there. The question is how to interpret it.

How the hell (yes, hell) do we square that kind of experience of … well, evil … with a “loving” universe?

Well, we can try. We should try. Otherwise … what else is there to do but sink into frightened escapism or superior atheistic cynicism or argument-proof and ultimately irrational religiosity? 

I have personally gotten a lot from constructing a worldview based on near-death experience reports, reincarnation research and a few select modern mystics, such as my fellow Dane, Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981), who did an impressive book series about why the world is as it is and why that is ‘good’ anyway.

But as with the smaller things in life, that general experience that the world is actually ‘good deep down’ does not become real until you, well, experience it. Often in very concrete ways. And it can be set back, for example if you have trauma as some here have mentioned.

But for myself I am mostly reminded that I believe the universe is … somehow better than I feared … in times of trial. Like when I was hospitalized with a serious illness 13 years ago, or when our first child was born and it was a very difficult birth. Not immediately, obviously, but after a period of trial when I have tried to reconnect with the universe, so to speak. I usually use prayer to connect with that Greater Something Or Other which some call “God”; but also affirmations, and I have a feeling that both work and move me, either to better situations or give me the strength to endure.

I can’t accept that the universe is “loving” through superficial proof alone, though, like having 200 synchronicities happen each year when I ask for something or other. And I have had my share of synchronicities that seemed Very Hard to explain away as coincidence, and I feel I have been helped by Something Greater as explained before – in times of need.

However, for me personally I need a cosmology – and a rational one at that – to allow myself to interpret these events positively. And to accept that some children get thrown off bridges, but that there may be more than just that horrible outcome. If the universe is “deeply loving” then there is more. As well as some kind of meaning behind what happened there, even if you might have to delve deep into concepts of karma and past lives to produce an explanation that helps. And even if that explanation helps you, it might not help the grieving family.

I recommend reading books like Conversations with God to get a very good supplement to and foundation for the view that the universe, at its core level is “deeply loving”. I also recommend, as mentioned, reading about near-death experiences – e.g. on iands.org. But it is my strong experience that each person needs a slightly different shared insight, such as another version of these sources – and then a slightly different personal experience – to accept that positive world view.

And even then … acceptance of a positive world view (with this particular spiritual flavor) is often something that flows and ebbs. For pretty much all human beings. It does so for me all the time, when I see bad news or experience it myself and then I have to remind myself of my particular ‘faith’ and seek out reinforcement for it – somehow.

620. New Path

I recently began reading blogs from people who practice “paganism”. I’m not quite sure I know what that term covers, but I intend to find out.

There is a resonance here, although I doubt I will end up believing in the “Horned God” or whomever.

Wonder why that is?

I’ve always been into spirituality that was linked to nature somehow – or variants of religion, like Celtic Christianity. So maybe there is an answer there.
I suppose that best way to find out is to walk the path and see where it leads, including to some – I hope – new companions to walk that path with me.

That is not the worst motivation to want to go somewhere.

449. Think About Your Soul Often (Even If You Don’t Believe You Have One)

It doesn’t matter if your objective, metaphysical ‘Soul’ exists or not, and survives physical death or not, or what happens afterwards if it does.

What matters is thinking about your soul.

Despite all the looser spiritual world views you can subscribe to nowadays, and despite their more dogmatic religious equivalents, surprisingly little attention has, in my view, been given to just what a Soul Is.

And how it feels to think about it.

And what that thinking does to how you feel about … yourself.

408. The Summit Is Not Forever

“You cannot stay on the summit forever; you have to come down again. So why bother in the first place? Just this: What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen. There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower regions by the memory of what one saw higher up. When one can no longer see, one can at least still know.”

– Rene Daumal

387. Christmas Gift

“Frequently, beauty is playful like dancing sunlight, it cannot be predicted, and in the most unlikely scene or situation can suddenly emerge. This spontaneity and playfulness often subverts our self-importance and throws our plans and intentions into disarray. Without intending it, we find ourselves coming alive with a sense of celebration and delight. The pedestrian sequence of a working day breaks, a new door opens and the heart recognizes the silent majesty of the ordinary. The things we never notice, like health, friends and love, emerge from their subdued presence and stand out in their true radiance as gifts we could never have earned or achieved.”

– John O’Donohue

334. When They Come

I probably won’t answer or prove where any sudden revelation of clarity comes from, but I feel I need to shift my energy here and believe that there is a source – inside or outside – that will bring me clarity. Without having to research (that much). And without having to think more (that much). And without having to experiment and google more blogs (not that many anyway) to try my ideas and intuition out on reality.

In short: Some source that can help me – point me more in the right direction, so I don’t go somewhere and suddenly see that Wall again I’ve seen so many times when trying to figure out how to be creative and enjoy it and earn a buck and make a little difference at the same time.

Some power that I don’t feel I currently have myself to clarify this idea and its potential. Or to help me put it aside – again. At least for now.

I have to do that. And relax. And the answers will come.

And so I try it and I will let you know when they come

332. Using Belief For Others

If I had chronically ill parents I would pray and recommend others doing so. MN might need something else, at least in the short term. Maybe for the rest of the term.

But what is it? Is it something I can help with?

For the sake of our friendship I will let this question linger much and return to it, and pray for an answer. That way I can use my belief to help him, even if he does not believe in it or can benefit from a similar point-of-view.