633. The Long Road to Easy

I think one should always be cautious when assessing any ‘make-more-money-by-following-my-program-guy’ if the conversation comes to how easy it is “manifest” money if you first are able to do as they instruct.

There are many reasons but a chief one is this:

Many such people already have a system in place for earning money. They can put out a random e-book and ask people to pay 10 dollars for it, and with only about 1 percent conversion rate he would have earned at least a couple of thousand dollars.

So what does this mean? That it is “easy”? Yes, certainly – if you have done 10+ years of hard work building your site rank and mailing list.

In other cases, then?

What about the metaphysical stuff? Law of Attraction? Think and Grow Rich?

I will say if it is true that there is a cause and effect between ‘just’ thinking about manifesting, say money and then money coming into your life, then it has also a lot to do with hard mental work.

Only now I feel that manifestation of stuff in my life by way of affirmation is working for me – even though it is purely a subjective and un-provable evaluation, of course.

But it certainly feels to me like the Universe/God/AI/whatever has an easier time giving you resources when you have trained yourself to be open, positive, not needy and mostly free of negative self-talk. That is also what other New Thought thinkers write, like Napoleon Hill. Or popular spiritual authors, like Neale Donald Walsch.

So, yeah, I believe it is possible to make easy money. Either through business or thought.

But to get to the point where it is easy … that takes a long time and investment.

624. Turning

So from now on I will use affirmations pretty much 24/7 about how money is flowing to me, in all the variations that feel right. In all the ways that feel right.

I do believe this can have some sort of metaphysical effect of ‘attracting’ money, but this post is not long enough to explain why I do believe – to a degree – that that is possible.

Suffice to say I’m not a big fan of the uncritical New Thought gurus out there who just throw it out as fact – that this can work and then fail to explain why the hell it is like that. Does God have a sick sense of humor or what? Why didn’t He/She/It give the billions of poor people in the world the power and insight to attract a little more food in their lives, then?

No, there is a cosmology here that I have, and which is required to be able to believe the results you apparently get. Because as some people I know are fond of reiterating: If you do this right, you do get results! You can’t prove, however – they also stress – that this is not just coincidence. You can only get to a point where things seem to happen enough and then you have to make a choice and decide if you believe in it or still deny it.

So much for philosophy.

But I’m not here to create metaphysical money first and foremost. I’m here to create peace in my mind.

One of the things that almost destroyed me when I was depressed and suffering from anxiety in the early 00’s was how much my mind worked against me – always found all the worst outcomes and focused on.

So the primary objective of this Change is to teach myself to focus positively, by allowing myself to actually FEEL what it would be like if money flowed freely in my life, if I had enough money.

To feel it. But fully knowing it is imagination. Like sex. But you imagine that as well all the time because it feels good, right? You don’t run around imagining that you never have sex (well, some may do – but … never mind).

So I need to empower myself and I do this first by changing my focus here. Permanently.

537. Not the Law of Brainwashing

People who don’t do affirmations about money either have enough money, or too little self-confidence to experiment with a world-view that might get them labelled as cranks.

Either way, who cares.

I’m just saying it works for me. Now. In this way.

And I am sharing it so it can work for others, if they want.

There may be a ‘Law of Attraction’, but certainly no Law of Forced Brainwashing to my Silly Worldviews!

535. Only That

Fear does not create what I want.

Regret does not create what I want.

Backtalk does not create what I want.

Endless self-analysis does not create what I want.

Anger does not create what I want.

Shame does not create what I want.

Only creating what I want creates what I want.

And thinking it.

And saying it.

Only that.

527. Affirmations and Being Present

But back to the other point: Do affirmations conflict with the ideal to stay mindful in the present, what I call to build “The Experience”?

It depends, I guess.

If you do affirmations formulated like the one above (“is xxx”) I don’t think so.

But the manner in which you do them is also important.

If you do them in the way you would use one of those de-stress balls you can squeeze, I don’t think they will hurt your experience of the present.

Depending on what the affirmations are about, they will more likely tend to keep out stressful thoughts about, say, money – which would otherwise conflict with your attempts to enjoy the present!

But of course if you use a different set of words, and if you struggle and strain while saying the affirmations … then all bets are off.