627. The Storm Lamp

WordPress.com has evolved a lot over the years … and I had failed to notice that they have such a great search engine for finding other interesting (WordPress.com) blogs. Perhaps because I’ve been busy building self-hosted WP blogs for some years now, I dunno.

But it works, and I’ve already found lots of interesting blogs – very quickly and easily. I love it!

For years now, as the blogosphere has just grown and grown, I have felt that despite the existence of various portals, it was increasingly difficult to find good blogs to follow.

I’m not talking about the big, really often very superficial blogs about anything from personal development to health. I’m talking about normal … blogs. Done by normal people. With jobs and small businesses and whatnot. Artists and housewives. Schoolteachers and veterans. Hobby researchers and wanderers. Anyone really! Not Mr. Super Guru or Miss Marketing Phenomenon.

So I look forward to finally connecting more with other bloggers – finally. But I figure that a good first step is to deliver more blogs that are easier for other people to enjoy.

I mean, really – it is not rocket science!

319. The Project

But that Big Project – like writing a famous book or going to save the children in Africa somehow – is not for me. I feel other people can do these things better than I, especially because I have so little capital – financial, political, cultural when it comes to Africa. When it comes to famous books, I just don’t feel like that any longer. As I’ve already written about I know this motivation has been in me, for some reason, and it is deeply wrong.

And the list goes on. These are just two of the Big Things, I’ve chased and tried to do with my life and then not really done.

But maybe I don’t need to.

Maybe I just need to share all that I have learned.

53. The Story of Spindrift

The point is that my future just got more solid, more real, with all its ups and downs. Because I decided to chronicle it. Is that a good thing? For me, personally? I’m not sure. But it feels … like it’s going to be more meaningful simply because I weave it into some artifact for you to see after I am gone. Weave with my words … After all, isn’t that what we all long for, to be part of a story that has meaning?

49. Phased Life

This blog is what I’ve been wanting to do. Because there is so much more to share. I don’t think I would have done it as CEO of that other company. Then I would have been counting beans now. Not thinking about so many other things to share. So maybe I am in the right place, and those phases of life (finish education, get career, start family) are just illusions. At least insofar as I think of myself having ‘failed’ to complete a couple of them 10 and 20 years ago.

47. My Power Today

There IS a very real, very live, very physical way of keeping thoughts around, for a good long time, after you have let them out.

I’m talking about keeping thoughts on the Internet, of course.

Think about the totality of whatever you let out on the Internet, through a WHOLE life. Or just … 20 years. 30 years.

Sure, the Net will be different when you and I get older, but it will be there – trust me.

It will be there in some new incarnation.

And stuff we left on it years ago … it WILL be around.

And somebody WILL find it. And WILL be affected.

So what did you leave around?