613. I Know the Answer

I asked myself on more than one occasion:

‘What would help me achieve my goals –

1) shred this guy’s opinions and perspectives about the goal


2) go do the actual stuff that leads to the goal being accomplished?’

It’s crazy that the human mind is so construed that you even have to ask that question, but there it is.

And I know the answer.

536. Keep In Mind

Focus areas on a day where I mostly take care of Jay and the house … 

Who do I really feel I am or should be?

How do I connect with more like-minded friends? Who are they? Where are they?

Are my major goals the best goals I can have for making an impact in this life?

Hazy questions but important ones. Asked with every breath, as I walk the pram, and at the same time … something to think about if I could escape for a moment and go to a mysterious beach and contemplate everything while a little bit of eternity passed.

I don’t have the answers clearly, although I have outlines. I probably won’t find them soon. I definitely won’t find them today, because there is only time for the necessaries. 

But I will keep them in mind while I do what is necessary.

488. Cease

—it really feels like it gives me what I want right now to just do my best at making business full time as a webdesigner and then taking every possible moment of free time that I need this energy to do some of my creative projects.

Over years.

And when I have the energy. Or need it.

Instead of creating a struggle between my business and my creative life.

Like that one about setting goals that make you feel better now… 

That is a good one.

353. Cultivating The Beach

I wonder if the goal for the rest of my life should not be to set larger and larger goals – about accomplishments and achievements? I mean, forget more power and influence or ratings or readers or fans or whatnot. Focus more on cultivating the feeling that there is always an inner surplus of faith and calm and peace, but also of a sense of beauty and excitement – about things big and small.

It is hard to put into words, but perhaps it is a bit like the feeling you have when you have been at the beach all day long with family on a vacation and everything has gone well. You are calm and relaxed but you also have other sights and experiences you want to see. However, what is important it that your base on the beach, and in the holiday house perhaps – they are there. That sense of a base of calm and rejuvenation, from which you can venture out. I really can’t put it better than that right now.

It doesn’t negate large external goals, like growing my company to have employees – from 10 to 1000, or such. But perhaps that focus on ‘cultivating the beach’ is what underlies it all. If I feel I am moved away from that, while building my company then I am building in the wrong way, at the wrong time or I should not build at all. 

294. For Good

What I write will – I hope – inspire readers to identify and see more of is good, meaningful, connected in their own lives. And see practical ways of solving problems and challenges in the mess of everyday life, even if it is nothing fancy like the Huge Personal Development Change Course. It is my belief that such a lift will also give readers – you – more surplus to do something else for others, whatever you feel is right for you to do. And if that happens, lots can be achieved.