6. Just like Tivoli

Went with my niece and Char on our yearly trip to the great Tivoli here in the city.

She is 6 years old, my niece, and ready to ride the roller coaster 8 times during such a day, 5 in a row.

She would’ve wanted to do it more times, if we had not run out of time.

We were there from around 11-530 PM and the Christmas crowds kept pouring in. It was somewhat rainy and rather cold and above all tiring, physically.

But if you take the time for it and have put conflicting priorities in their place, then you can’t help but feel energized mentally after such a trip.

I’m not ready to read any theses right now, but I feel light inside, in a good way. Not just because my niece had fun, but because all of us had fun.

Her fun, however, was the best part of it.

I think, when all things align, that is what children do for you.

They make you tired and yet wake you up at the same time.